Three Ways to Avoid Football Season Meltdowns

3ways to avoid football season meltdownWe all have something that ignites our passion; whether it’s the latest tech gadget, a book release by a favorite author or a must have pair of suede boots. For some, its sports and that passion can come in form of cheers, grunts, groans and excessive swearing. But what happens when that passion turns into a full-fledged meltdown? How can we avoid it? With Football Season in full swing let's make it a safe and enjoyable one by sharing these simple tips with all the Football fanatics in our lives. I know I will be.

Three Ways to Avoid Football Season Meltdowns

Corey was stunned. His small children were weeping in fear, his wife’s jaw was practically on the floor and her eyes were those of someone who had seen a monster. They were all staring at him, and he was staring at the remote control that lay smashed into a thousand pieces on the living room floor.

To think, this was all caused by a football game.

Corey is a college football fanatic. Like many fans, he’s convinced he’s the number one, most important fan in the world. When the team wins, he floats on cloud nine for days. When his team loses, like they did on this particular day, he does things like throw the remote as hard as he can onto the hardwood floor.
Few sports bring out as much passion as football. Millions of fans fill stadiums every fall Saturday and Sunday, and millions more tune in at home. The emotions the sport elicits for the faithful are intense on both the good and bad sides of the spectrum.

A loss can send even a great, well-adjusted guy like Corey to snap momentarily, much to the horror of his family.
Look, it doesn’t have to be this way. Football, and all sports, is meant to be a fun diversion. It’s great to get into the games, but when they cause you to behave outside your normal self, it’s time for a change. If you find yourself getting a little too “into it,” or you see the rage come out in your spouse, consider these three tips:

Hit the DVR, Leave the House - It’s sacrilege to some fans who watch from home, but try watching the game a couple hours after kickoff starts. You’ll realize that where you sit, or what you’re wearing doesn’t have an impact on the game, and you won’t be able to get into any text-based bitch sessions with other fans of the team.

Have a Reality Check - You’re not on the team. You don’t impact the team (see above). You should be honored that these men go out and sacrifice their bodies in competition essentially for your entertainment. Take a chill pill, sit back and enjoy it, and bask in your simple fanliness.

Make Plans for After the Game - This may be hard to do after a late game, but try setting an appointment for after the game. You’ll be less tempted to get blackout drunk or punch your hand through a wall during the game. Plus, being with friends and family will quickly take your mind off a game gone bad.

Football season isn’t over until February, so don’t spend it sulking and terrifying your kids. Soak up the all-too-short season and the awesome athletic talents of the players. Unlike Corey, you’ll be able to save $30 on a replacement remote too.

Let’s hear it in the comments - what teams are you passionate about, and what insane things have you done in the heat of passion thanks to them? Share your stories!

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