Blueprint For Health

It's Confusing! Even the most nutrition-savvy among us can have a hard time figuring out which supplements to take. So the Rag-Tag Research Geeks are here to help.

Your nutritional plan is like a house. Each nutrient has it's place in the overall plan just like each room is important to your home:


Every Rag-Tag Research Geek Certified™ product will fit into one of these categories:


Sure, it would be nice to think we can get everything we need from diet alone. But that’s just not the case. Research indicates a good multivitamin (for most people that should not include iron) fills the gaps and helps prevent a number of chronic diseases.

RTRG Recommendation: The Foundation™ Multivitamin

Especially crucial on this list are Calcium, Vitamin D & Magnesium – 3 nutrients the vast majority of Americans are estimated to be deficient in but are critical for avoiding numerous health problems. In order to get proper absorption of these 3, you’ll also need Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Lysine.

RTRG Recommendation: Calciology™ Calcium Wellness Formula

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If you’re taking a multi-vitamin & minerals on a daily basis, the next step is to add an Omega-3 supplement. These can include flax seed oil or fish oil supplements, but our favorite by far is krill oil. Krill oil contains the most important Omega-3′s in a more bioavailable form (phospholipids), and studies have shown krill oil is much more effective than fish oil.

Given the crucial role that Omega-3 fats play in cardiovascular health and brain function, we liken them to the bathrooms in our blueprint: a house without a bathroom just doesn’t function right.

RTRG Recommendation: Black Label Krill Oil™

Probiotics are microscopic bacteria that live in the lining of our digestive tract. Since proper digestion affects every other system in the body, we fittingly liken a probiotic supplement to the kitchen in our floor plan. It’s at the heart of the home and affects everything else.

RTRG Recommendation: Pinnacle Probiotic™

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Antioxidants play a protective role against the development of heart disease, cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases by quenching free-radicals. This action is also believed to slow down the aging process by reducing the body’s oxidative load. In other words, antioxidants slow down the “internal rusting” of our bodies as we age.

Different antioxidants affect the body (and different parts of the body) in different ways. So the most effective strategy is to have several different antioxidants – at least one water-soluble and one fat-soluble – in your routine.

Fortunately, several of the RTRG Recommended products also contain antioxidants that can fit into this category. They include:

Vitamin C – found in both Calciology™

Astaxanthin – found in Black Label Krill Oil™

Flavonols & Vitamin E – Found in Life Oil™ sea buckthorn

Multiple Antioxidants (47 to be exact!): Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

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Maybe you need specifically to lose weight, restore youthful energy or give extra support to your cardiovascular system. Whatever the reason there are some nutrients that not everyone needs, but that target your specific concerns. These are the roof, the final touch that really holds everything else together. And while many of the products we’ve already listed may apply here as well, (in fact, pretty much all of them can in one way or another) there are a few recommendations we’ve made that are almost exclusive to this category. They include:

Natural Born Hair Raiser™ – supports healthier hair, fights hair loss and aids in hair growth.

Bang! Brain Health™ - A formula packed with natural nutrients to enhance mental focus, improve memory and render a boost of energy.

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Turning Plans Into Reality

When you're building a house, the blueprint is like a map for your builder. No matter the size the final product is meant to be, he gets to decide what materials and methods to put into the construction. If he gest high quality materials and follows proper procedures, a beautiful, sound home will result.

But if he buys the cheapest products he can find and cuts corners, the result can be a death trap. (Have you ever seen the HGTV show Holmes on Homes? If so you know that not only can a shoddily-built house be dangerous, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair and make right. MUCH more than would have been spent to do it right in the first place.)

Likewise, YOU are the builder of your own health. And you are living in the end result - your body. (The only difference is you can't pick up and move if you don't like what you create.) But if you cut corners on diet or exercise, or if the supplements you buy are the cheapest ones you can find, the result will be just as bad as the poorly-built house.

Only instead of a contractor like Mike Holmes, you may have to hire a team of top-notch surgeons or medical personnel to repair the damage.

We've given you the plan. Now it's up to you to build your dream home.



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