Canceling Elite Status

First, sign into your account at (Elite Status covers our entire family of websites so must be managed at one central location.)


Click here to sign in.

Enter Email and Password.


The first time you login you'll need to click "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?" Otherwise, enter your email and password here.

If Necessary, "Reset" Password


This procedure is the same whether you have never had a password or have forgotten it. Enter your email address and the text in the box in the "Captcha" field, and click "Reset."

On Customer Home Screen, Click "Memberships"


Click "Deactivate"




You will still have access to content and discounts until the date listed here. You will not be charged again.

Please note: if you need help cancelling your Elite Status you can email Leaving a comment on this website will NOT cancel your status. This must be done by the method above or by email only.  

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