Couch Potatoes –Ticking Time Bombs From Doing Nothing


“Does it kill you to open the door for me once in a while? Or maybe buy flowers and candy? Geez, Dale. You are my husband for crying out loud.” Marcy was furious. She never thought in a million years that the day would come where she'd be fed up with her significant other asking her how she felt or crying along with her during the sad parts of “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

He stepped back, a look of horror painting across his face. The spatula in his hand dropped to the floor, making an earth shattering clang that made him jump.

“And stop always cooking dinner! I could rip my hair out!,” Marcy screamed. “Just once in a while, I'd like to be taken, Dale. I'd like to know I had a MAN FOR A HUSBAND!”

“Your obviously angry dear,” was all he could sputter out. Dale just didn't get it. “What can I do to help?”

Marcy swallowed hard. She took in a few deep breaths, her chest inhaling. Yelling wasn't going to solve anything but it had been building inside her forever.

“I'm sorry, Dale. I should have addressed this sooner rather than later. Its my fault. But today is a new day. So – this is what I want you to do. I want you to tell me I'm acting nuts and ignore me.”


“Just do it. Give me your best Al Bundy.” She waved her hands, seemingly egging him on.

“Come on. Ignore me,” she repeated, not realizing he wasn't responding.

Dale didn't say anything. He went back to the stir fry on the stove, whistling as he moved the chicken and vegetables around.

When was the last time you realized you had a HUGE problem you'd been ignoring forever and now it was biting you in the rear end? The first thoughts that race through your mind are “shoulda, coulda, woulda” right?

Are you sitting down as you read this? Well, there's the problem! Being a couch potato (inactive) is not only addictive, its hazardous to your health.

“Come on. How can sitting down be bad for you?” Oh, my good friend. Let me count the ways:

 “I Worked Out Today. I'm Hitting The Three-Seater” - Makes sense, right? You just slammed around the weights or ran a good five miles on the treadmill down at the gym. You deserve a few hours in front of the boob tube. Lets start today by breaking that cycle of thinking. A recent study found that no matter what you did before sitting on the couch for two or more hours that day (exercise or not) the risk of heart attacks nearly doubled. That's just insane. Save the inactivity for when your body needs it i.e. SLEEP.

The Metabolics of Sitting is Nuts – So your heart is an obvious victim of “lounging around” too much. But what else? Researchers in Canada looked at the effects of it in a massive study of 7278 men ages 18-90 years old. Good cholesterol down, blood sugar way up. In fact, scientists now are hypothesizing that sitting down actually triggers the fat cells in the areas your sitting on, changing the way the cells are being multiplied and stored. You can't spot reduce but it seems there might be some truth to spot gaining! 

The D Word – We mentioned sugar. So what naturally comes next when your glucose levels are all out of whack? You guessed it. Diabetes (Type 2). The longer you watch television (btw video games count as watching television) the bigger your risk for developing the condition. Could this be one of the reasons the diabetes levels in America have been on the up and up for a long while now? 

Take back your life starting today, before you realize its too late. Every inch is an inch toward a mile. Are you watching television for two hours a night? Make it an hour. Sitting around is hazardous to your health. Problems become ticking time bombs when you ignore them for too long. Don't believe me? Just ask Marcy. Or Dale...if he's still alive. 

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