Facebook Envy: Why You Shouldn’t Let It Get You


Lauren still has a teenager at home, with all the stress and tumult that can bring. She has an older daughter in college that doesn't always make the choices she should. Lauren's job is full of pressure and her marriage isn't always the best. Stuff breaks down at home and needs to be fixed.

In other words, her life is pretty normal.

But then she logs on to Facebook, and she sees the  smiling faces, lavish vacations, beautiful children, perfect marriages,  and “how did you make that?” dinners.

And it all makes her sad.

She’ll hit “like” on many of these posts, but deep down she’s almost resentful of the perfect lives that seemingly everyone in her network has.

Can we all admit that this rings true for all of us? We all have an ex who  seems to have the perfect life, or an old friend who seems to have kids  that NEVER act like little turds.

You need to remember one piece of advice, and keep it in mind every time  you visit someone’s Facebook page, or any other social media profile:

When you view someone’s Facebook page, you’re viewing the highlight reel of their life.

You aren’t seeing the long hours at work, the misbehaving children, the  sometimes-absent spouse, the dead-end job or the totally-overcooked  mashed potatoes she makes three times a week. Most people don’t share  those things out, and odds are, neither do you.

No, you’re seeing the perfection, what they want everyone to see.

Remember that, every time you log on. We all have the same struggles. Between  birth and death, eventually we all struggle and suffer. Kids act up,  spouses disappoint, jobs are difficult...sometimes, life just sucks. No  one is exempt.

So the next time you log on, keep that in mind, try to be happy for the  great moments in the lives of those around you, and share you own  perfect moments. Then log off, and keep your focus on your relationships at home, at work, and with your in-person network. Keep your online  friends, but invest yourself in those around you, the people who know  your struggles and successes and share in them.

Have you struggled with social media jealousy? Or are you guilty of  oversharing your highlight reel? Discuss in the comments!

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