How to Eat Healthy at Arbys

How to Eat Healthy at Arbys

Kim Medford was thinkin’ Arbys. The Asheville, N.C. native placed an order with a coworker who was picking up lunch from the beef-centric fast food chain. Like any rational human being, she was probably pretty excited about their curly fries. 

She reached into the little cup Arby’s provides and grabbed a curly fry. 
She pulled it out. Then kept pulling it out. Then continued pulling it out 
some more. Eventually she found 38 remarkable inches of curly fry, enough 
to set a world record
While it’s unknown if Kim ate her corkscrew monstrosity, it certainly shows 
that you can find yourself having an interesting experience when you go to 

But can you have a healthy experience? 

As we have with many other restaurants and fast food joints, we took a 
close look at the Arby’s menu to find healthy (or at least less-unhealthy) 
items. Our standard? The popular Mediterranean Diet, which promotes fruits, 
vegetables, nuts, olive oil, beans, whole grains and smaller portions of 

Try these on next time you’re thinking Arby’s: 

Grand Turkey Club - With a pile of turkey on a “Harvest Wheat” bun, this 
sandwich has the basics of a pretty good fast food option for Mediterranean 
folks. Strip off the mayo and processed cheese and it’s even better. Taking 
off the bacon would help greatly, but we understand that’s a dealbreaker 
for many folks. 

Roast Turkey & Swiss Wrap - This has just about everything you would 
want from a healthy fast food option: whole grain wrap, a couple veggies, 
and not too much meat. You probably wouldn’t even notice the swiss cheese 
missing if you had it taken off, but it would certainly help cut down on 
the 490 calories the wrap packs. 

Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad - More turkey, this time in a salad that 
features bacon. Keep the pig in this one, but look for a lighter option for 
the dressing, such as the balsamic vinaigrette.  

Kids Jr Roast Beef Sandwich - This being Arby’s, we had to throw in a 
roast beef sandwich. Red meat is frowned upon in the Medi Diet, but small 
amounts of it are okay. If you have to get a roast beef sandwich fix, this 
smaller version is your safest bet. 

Beware of: the sandwiches on the Market Fresh menu. While “fresh 
sandwiches” on “bread made with whole grains” sounds pretty healthy, these 
sandwiches all come with mayo and can pack in as many as 800 calories. And 
the whole grain bread? It’s made with some whole grains, but the primary 
ingredient is still enriched flour. 

So there you have it. Kim Medford’s 38-inch curly fry put this man’s 24-incher to shame, but someone trying to eat a little more healthy would probably avoid them altogether. That doesn't mean you need to stay away from Arby’s, just stick with our recommendations and you’ll be a-okay. 

What do you order when you’re thinkin’ Arby’s? Do you know any tips or 
secret menu items that can help those who are also thinkin’ healthy? Sound 
off in the comments!


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