Inflammation: The New Silent Killer

Inflammation. In a lot of ways it's a double-edged sword - it's something your body uses to fight off infections, and without it wounds would never heal. Whenever you have an infection or injury, the redness, heat and swelling you see is your body's immune system in action.

But once the infection or wound is taken care of, your body is supposed to shut off the inflammatory response. All too often, however, it doesn't. And this leads us to the other edge of the sword: chronic inflammation.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is VERY Bad

The problem with chronic inflammation is that it doesn't just affect the area that was wounded or infected. It's a system-wide low level of inflammation that affects every cell in your body. Like water dripping on a rock eventually causes it to wear away, an endless trickle of immune cells interferes with the body's healthy tissues. And it leads to some pretty major problems.

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