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With all the research we do around here, we're often asked if there are any particular products we recommend. And yes, there are a few.

They have to meet our high standards of course. Which means that they can't be second-rate, use cheap ingredients or bad manufacturing practices. And they have to be based on sound, solid science.

The products that do meet our standards, that we have vetted and are comfortable endorsing carry the RTRG (Rag-Tag Research Geek) Seal of Approval™.

Standards For RTR Geek Approval™

In order to be recommended on this site, a product must meet the following standards:

  • Product must be manufactured in GMP certified facility that meets or exceeds all applicable requirements and standards
  • Product must be documented free from harmful toxins such as lead, mercury, or pesticides
  • Product must be documented to meet all label ingredient claims
  • Harvesting and processing of raw materials must be done in environmentally friendly/ sustainable manner and comply to ethical trade standards

If it is recommended on this site, you can be sure these standards have been met.

What you see here represents the best of our knowledge, based on the most up-to-date science for today. When that science changes, we’ll change with it.

When new information emerges, we either demand changes to the formula of those products or find new ones to recommend.

We don't sell any products on this site in order to keep the research and recommendations objective.

If you're interested, the full line of RTR Geek Approved™ products can be found at http://www.ragtaghealth.com

Many of the products can also be found at  www.amazon.com and www.stillsmilin.com

Have A Product You Want Us To Evaluate?

We're always looking for new stuff to check out. Drop us a line at GeekEvaluation@aProvenYou.com and we'll talk!

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