Ten Cancer-Fighting Foods

Ten Cancer

Food doesn't cause cancer, does it? 

Gayle will tell you so. She’s a typical working mother of two, with a lot 
of stress and not much time for healthy eating. A steady diet of sugary 
drinks and fattening foods was about all she had time and money for. The 
wages of such a diet have typically been obesity and heart disease at 

Gayle was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, which recent research 
shows caused primarily by a bad diet. Endometrial cancer affects about 
50,000 women in the US each year, and is triggered primarily through estrogen, which fatty cells produce. Luckily for Gayle and others, it’s a fairly 
treatable form of the disease. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that an unhealthy diet can bring on cancer 
alongside the other innumerable awful illnesses and conditions. The good 
news is you can use food as a weapon against cancer, especially in the 
preventative stages. Check out this list of ten foods you can start eating 
today that can either help your body fend of cancer, or in some cases, beat 
the disease. 

Coffee - The popular morning drink was cited as a way to prevent 
endometrial cancer, among others, due to its antioxidants and ability to 
balance insulin levels. 

Mushrooms - There are nearly 40,000 types of mushrooms in the world, and 
a large percentage of them possess anti-cancer benefits. Many varieties, 
such as Shiitake, are available at your local neighborhood market. 

Soy - A 2012 study found that soy intake among women suffering from breast cancer reduced the chance of dying and recurrence of the disease. The American Cancer Society urges you to not get too carried away with it, however. 

Green Tea - This easily available beverage features antioxidant 
compounds that helps suppress cancer-causing enzymes.

Carrots - Carrots, kale, sweet potatoes and tomatoes, among others, are 
rich in carotenoids, which is proven to help prevent cancer, specifically 
breast cancer. 

Turmeric - This popular Asian & Indian spice also inhibits many 
cancer-causing cells. A 2013 study suggests it has a direct role in the prevention of cervical cancer. 

Garlic - Besides fighting off vampires, garlic is rich in allicin, which 
is like a heat-seeking missile set to destroy malignant cells. 

Broccoli - Along with cabbage and other cruciferous veggies, broccoli 
features glucosinolates, namely sulforaphane, which attacks cancer cells 
before they make their home in your DNA. Sulforaphane even killed breast 
cancer cells in rats back in 2010.

Beans - Have we mentioned we love beans? This staple of the Mediterranean Diet has tons of great stuff for you, from fiber to antioxidants, that can keep cancer away. 

Speaking of the Mediterranean Diet, check out our other posts about how you 
can use it to your advantage. As Gayle learned, food affects pretty much 
every part of our health, a little bit of smart eating can go a long way 
toward a long life!

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